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Safety First: How We Create the Perfect Froggy Pose in Newborn Photography

Updated: Jun 26

At A Moment Photography, the safety and comfort of your precious newborn is always our top priority. We understand how important it is for parents to feel confident that their little one is in safe hands during a photography session. One of the ways we ensure safety while capturing those adorable, intricate poses is through careful planning and post-processing techniques.

The Froggy Pose: Adorable but Complex

One of the most popular and charming poses in newborn photography is the froggy pose. This pose showcases your newborn's tiny features in a unique way, with their chin resting on their hands and their legs tucked up beneath them. While it’s undeniably cute, it’s also a complex pose that requires special attention to safety.

Safety First: How We Achieve the Froggy Pose

The froggy pose is never attempted in one shot. Instead, we combine two separate images in Photoshop to create the final look. Here’s how we do it:

  1. First Image: Supporting the Head

  • In the first shot, we position the baby with an assistant or a parent supporting the baby's head. This ensures that the baby's head is stable and safe throughout the process.

  1. Second Image: Supporting the Wrists

  • In the second shot, the assistant or parent shifts their support to the baby’s wrists, still ensuring that the baby is completely secure and comfortable.

Post-Processing: Combining Images in Photoshop

Once we have the two images, our post-processing magic begins. Using advanced Photoshop techniques, we carefully combine the two shots to remove the hands of the assistant or parent, creating the illusion that the baby is holding the pose unaided. This method not only guarantees the baby's safety but also produces a flawless, professional image.

Sample Images: The Froggy Pose in Action

Here are some examples of how the froggy pose looks before and after post-processing:

Caption: In the first shot, an assistant supports the baby’s head to ensure safety.

Caption: In the second shot, the assistant supports the baby’s wrists, keeping the baby secure.

Caption: The final image after combining the two shots in Photoshop, creating the perfect froggy pose while keeping the baby safe.

Our Commitment to Safety

At A Moment Photography, we are committed to the highest standards of safety in every session. Our team is trained to handle newborns with the most care, and we never take risks when it comes to your baby’s well-being.

We also ensure:

  • Sanitized Environment: Our studio is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before each session.

  • Comfortable Temperature: We maintain a warm and cozy environment to keep your baby comfortable.

  • Gentle Posing: All poses are performed gently and slowly, with your baby’s safety as the top priority.

Book Your Safe and Beautiful Newborn Session

We want you to feel confident and relaxed during your newborn photography session, knowing that your baby is in safe and experienced hands. If you have any questions about our safety practices or would like to book a session, please contact us today.

Thank you for trusting A Moment Photography to capture these precious moments. We look forward to creating beautiful, safe, and memorable images for your family.

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