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Hi, We are Mick & Jade. Welcome to our new website.We specialize in Newborn photography. Our studio is based in Cambridge.

Mick and I met whilst studying at UEA and fell in love. Now we are husband and wife, but more importantly, is that we are mummy and daddy to our two beautiful children. They are the best gifts in our life.

Hi, I am Jade. From 2003-2006 I studied at The Raffles Design Institute and gained the advanced diploma in 2006.  Three years of studying gave me a full knowledge of graphic design and the skills of photography. Until now I already have over nine years working experance on this area. In 2009, I studied in a MSc in Marketing at UEA. However,  I‘ve lost my passion,my dream. Until I met Mick and  got my two angels, Max and Eva.

Hi, I am Mick. I have studied chinese painting and fine art for 3 years. I am good at hand drawing. I always said nothing is important. Everyday is same until I met Jade. Her smile became my power. After my boy and girl came into this world, I've noticed to treasure every moment we have is much more important than anything else.

Max and Eva, they grow so fast, wchich make us decide to use our skills to capture every moment as a gift for them.Therefore, We always said, WE ARE FIRST PARENT AND THEN PHOTOGRAPHER. Because only love can make us more passion and creativity.

Because the cultural difference, even if we got experience in China. We still feel not enough to run a professional studio in UK. So I finished a UK diploma course in portrait photography  and Mick also have a UK diploma in wedding photography in 2014. All of those make us more confindence that we can offer you not only beautiful images but also a very unique experience during your session. 

Being Photographer is a happy job. We are delighted to have a chance that listening your story and capture a moment of your life. We aim to capture the moment that you can treasure it as a timeless memory. We are certificated photographer and will utilize our experience, acknowledge technical expertise and artistic sense to create very uniquely, personal and honest images. Very welcome to our studio, talk about your story and enjoy this moment and experience

So Never Miss a Moment in your life. Never Miss A Moment Photography with Mick and Jade. 


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